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Polyetherimide – amorphous high-performance plastic with attractive properties

Due to its attractive price-performance ratio as well as its high temperature resistance of up to 217°C, this amorphous high-performance thermoplastic is becoming increasingly popular at present. The special feature of this plastic is, above all, its outstanding flowability. Therefore, it can be processed very well through extrusion and moulded into almost any shape.

PEI – the flexible and temperature-resistant plastic

Polyetherimide is a polycondensation product consisting of m-phenylenediamine, phthalic anhydride and bisphenol A. PEI is only slightly UV-resistant. Its outstanding properties are rather its high elasticity with good viscosity and creep rupture strength. With a flexural modulus of approximately 3000 MPa at room temperature, unfilled PEI ranks among the best construction materials. At the same time, it is outstandingly resistant to stress cracking and non-flammable by nature. The temperature application range of PEI is between -50 to 170°C. According to UL94 V-0 it is self-extinguishing. If this plastic is burned, it does not produce any toxic gases. Many types of this plastic comply with the FDA guidelines.

Polyetherimide is resistant to chemicals

On top of all of that, this high-performance plastic is highly hydrolysis-resistant and dimensionally stable. Compared to polyamide, its moisture absorption is low. It also shows good resistance to many chemicals, for example fully halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohol and aqueous solutions. It has good heat sealability characteristics with itself and many other materials. Its metal adhesion capacity with copper, for example by sputtering, is high. The electrical properties of polyetherimide, such as resistance, are constantly at a good level across a wide temperature range.

Application fields of PEI

Polyetherimide offers you many possibilities. Its moderate price makes it attractive for many projects. This high-performance plastic is especially suited for housings and technical applications, for example in the automotive industry, the aviation industry or medicine. It is popular in the production of carburettor parts, brake cylinder covers, ball bearings, high-voltage circuit breaker housings, cogged wheels and fluid pipes.

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