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Syndiotactic polystyrene resists high temperatures

The semi-crystalline high-performance plastic syndiotactic polystyrene is relatively new to the market. If it is produced with a metallocene catalyst, it has the abbreviation PS-S or PS-(M). Otherwise, the standard abbreviation sPS is used. If sPS is reinforced with 30% glass fibres, it is dimensionally stable up to slightly above 260°C. This also makes syndiotactic polystyrene ideal for applications in electrical engineering in which welding is required.

sPS, PS-S or PS-(M) – an outstanding high-performance plastic

Syndiotactic polystyrene melts at 270°C. Its outstanding properties are the excellent flowability of the sPS melt, the fast crystallisation or cooling and its low moisture absorption. The fast cooling reduces the cycle times by up to 30%. This high-performance plastic also shows good resistance to chemicals and non-stick properties. It is also suited for contact with drinking water. Its outstanding electrical properties and dimensional stability are beneficial in many practical applications.

Application fields of syndiotactic polystyrene

sPS is used above all in the electrical engineering, automotive and filter technology industry. Based on the above-mentioned properties, sPS is suited for application in coolant circuits. For example, sPS is the plastic of choice for the construction of pump wheels for water pumps. Its high resistance to temperatures and chemicals enables the production of non-woven fabric for filters made of PS-S. In addition, these filters can be electrostatically charged which increases their performance.

Plastic profiles by Technoform with sPS

Technoform helps you to realise your planned project with syndiotactic polystyrene. We can produce just about any kind of plastic profile with our high-precision extrusion method. Of course, we also offer you all other kinds of processing methods. We assist you with your project from the planning and development stage up to the finished product.

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